Doeville the Movie
Doeville the Movie

DOEVILLE will follow farmer Gail Rose through five difficult seasons, from late summer one year through to fall the next year. No one can predict how Gail’s story will end…but the journey is sure to be one full of spirit, determination, courage, passionate devotion, heartache and hard work…and with any luck, a good share of victory.

Overview:  In December of 2011, Kathryn Pasternak came to us looking to make a new Web site for her movie, Doville.

Technical Description:  Doeville the Movie is a customized Joomla  installation, which allows Kathy to update many aspects of her Web site herself, saving valuable time, money, and resources.

Design:  The design for Doeville the Movie is fully customized to give each page a unique, functional design, while maintaining a cohesive look throughout.  Large images feature Kathy's beautiful photography, while links to her newsletter and social media sites help her to interact with her visitors.

Client Testimony:

“I've called on Jennifer twice to help with my websites. In both cases, I had an urgent need, and she responded quickly and efficiently, surprising me with her speed and attention. She's a consummate professional, very pleasant and responsive, very creative, and she's got a fantastic eye for important details. I'm so happy I have started to work with her and expect it to be a long and fruitful relationship.”
- Kathryn Pasternak, May 28, 2013

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